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20 January 2010 @ 12:28 am
About HanabiLand

Konnichiwa Mina san! ^.^/
This is a community about the new doramas which are now on television in Japan!

Let us introduce ourself!
We are two friends from Italy (Lilith-chan90 and Deijii-chan) who are currently attending University and studing Japanese!
This is just the first year for us...thus our Japanese it's not that good yet!
Btw...we are here doing the best we can to translate for you these interviews!
For now we are going to translate mainly interviews of people we like (arashi, news, kat tun)!
This because it takes a lot of time to translate with the level we have right now!
If we had to translate something we don't like it would be terrible! >.<'
Btw...DON'T WORRY! as soon as our Japanese will be better also our translation will be more various!

You are not allowed to repost our translations or translating into other languages without our permission

The post will be looked, so you're free to join the community^O^

Yuroshiku onegaishimasu^O^
Your Hanabiko
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